If it’s Women’s Fitness that interests you then go to the page that explains Freestyle Methods & learn how Freestyle was started, how women were misled and still are to this day! How to implement Freestyle  into your routine for fast and safe results. Programs for beginning, intermediate & advanced women as well as diets. Plus coverage on the world famous Miss Olympia, Galaxy Competitions and the Freestyle Competitions.

If Men’s Bodybuilding interests you then go to the page that explains this unique collector’s book to learn the secrets of 28 legends. You will learn how to apply this information in your own training. A few of these legends covered are:

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Franco Columbu, Rick Wayne, Frank Zane, Dave Draper, Serge Nubret, Joe Bucci, Matthias Hues, Alexander Nevsky, Will Dabish and many more!


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